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Tillmann Becker

Tillmann Becker, called this piece “Babylon”, taking inspiration from the biblical myth and especially the painting “The Jews in Babylonian Captivity” by Ferdinand Olivier from 1838. Earlier solo works serve as research for the topic of borders and borderline experience from the female perspective. The frightening topicality of walls and fences, exclusion and isolation, and the associated violations of human dignity and human rights lead Tillmann Becker to the question of how people can deal with them, how individual reactions arise in the form of adaptation, collaboration and disintegration.

Choreography: Tillmann Becker

Dancers: Sara Enrich Bertran, Francesca Ciaffoni, Claudia Greco, Cecilia Castellari, Daniela Querci, Ada Daniele

Many thanks for the kind support goes to the Choreographic Center Heidelberg.

Thanks a lot for the scholarship through the Arbeitsgemeinschaft TANZAllianz, Cooperation of UnterwegsTheater Heildelberg und Theater- und Orchester Heidelberg.




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