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ChoreoLab - Made in Ulm

Choreographers in Residence: Kyra Green (FRA/USA), Max Levy (JPN/USA) and Pablo Sansalvador (NZL/ESP)

"ChoreoLab - Made in Ulm" is an exciting new platform - an artist in residence program- that invites international, emerging and talented young choreographers to Ulm to create and perform a piece inspired by Ulm's cultural and historical background. 


Choreographers Kyra Green and Max Levy were selected from over 50 applications by the initiators Pablo Sansalvador (former ballet ensemble member at Theater Ulm), Steffi Bichweiler and Michael Mutschler (ROXY) with the support of Theater Ulm's ballet director Reiner Feistel. Pablo Sansalvador will also participate as a choreographer. The choreographers will create three short works based on Einstein's famous equation E = mc2.


The "ChoreoLab - Made in Ulm" wants to further strengthen dance in Ulm and bring the works produced here to the outside world. The Choreo Lab also aims to stimulate discourse between makers and viewers.


Dancing: Francesca Ciaffoni (IT), Yuri Fortini (IT) and Aika Tsuchida (JPN).

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