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Tiago Manquinho | act:on

Choreography: Tiago Manquinho in collaboration with the dancers

Dancers: Francesca Ciaffoni, Sophie Hauenherm, Jonathan Bringert, Sarah Stanley

Music: Patrick Schimanski

Stage and costumes: Katharina Andes


We rush through the web with a constant "yes/no button".  We search for information that we assume to be relevant. In this way, we assemble a personalized collection of information and rarely give contrary content a chance. Algorithms are often blamed for this. Yet "echo chambers" have existed as long as people and social groups have existed. In our daily lives, we are primarily interested in living up to our own identity.  Having one's own opinions confirmed over and over again is good for the ego and has a similar effect to a drug. 

We create a poem for ourselves with all its metaphors and formal structures, with its codes and repetitions. We enjoy the melody and harmonies of our narrative and look for resonances of it in our interpersonal interactions.

In this new dance piece, choreographer Tiago Manquinho and the act:on team search to place own worlds, narratives, and their echoes in social spaces.  Contrasting realities attracting and repelling each other, parallel universes in a limited space-time. Like the mountain nymph Echo, who could not declare her love for Narcissus, four "poems" will echo on " cliffs" and try to find a common melody.


Trailer: Faktotum Medienproduktion

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