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Fabian Prioville dance company in collaboration with Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch

NOW FICTION is a collection of ten 360° virtual reality films that Fabien Prioville created for the Wuppertal Schauspielhaus Pina Bausch Dance Company.

Fabien Prioville's work facilitates a new form of encounter, transforming reality into short fictional stories, exploring the reception of contemporary dance on both a physical and virtual level. The proximity to the dancer's body is made tangible through a new virtual physicality. It unfolds at the intersection of theater, dance, public space, movement and perception, challenging the audience to navigate between two different levels of reality, simultaneously.

Directed by Fabien Proville, the dancers of the Pina Bausch Dance Company collaborated with members of the Fabien Prioville Dance company, embarking on a two-and-a-half week creative process in which they used the Schauspielhaus in Wuppertal as a playing field and narrative base. Space is at the center of these short fiction films, stories that also integrate abstract concepts from our society.

Directors - Choreographer and director: Fabien Prioville and Christoph Vobe 

Dancers: Daphnis Kokkinos, Reginald Lefebvre, Nicholas Losada, Julie Shanahan, Christopher Tandy, Tsai-Chin Yu, Francesca Ciaffoni, Tijana Prendovic


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